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Mikka has always had a fondness for the arts, but it was a desire to fill the bare walls of her loft that prompted her to cultivate an interest in painting into a passion. As a self-taught artist, she employs vibrant colors and bold circular designs to capture the viewer’s attention, features which represent positivity and life to Mikka. 

Inspired by a friend, Mikka decided to introduce her talents to the community. With a little trepidation and a lot of determination, she organized her very first art show which turned out to be quite a success! What had once been a weekend hobby had suddenly become so much more. 

Mikka aspires to continue to evolve, seeking new ways to stimulate both herself and aficionados alike. She enjoys stealthily observing those viewing her art work for the first time. “Peoples reactions inspire me.” she says, “No matter if good or bad, it’s making them think.” 



It is rare to find an artist who has created a whole new art form by using simple every-day materials combined with extreme quality craftsmanship and creative design.  Leveraging his background as a tool and die maker, Mike Bosch has created a new line of collectibles which combine three-dimensional wood carvings, abstract design and vibrant colors to create stunning visual effects in this new art form.

Unless seen with the naked eye, it is difficult to appreciate the stunning three-dimensional aspect of his art.  Like most great art forms, pictures do not begin to capture the intricate details that Bosch designs into every piece. When combined with his whimsical and sometimes twisted sense of humor, this results in unique collectible pieces which become the center of attention and conversation in almost any environment.

In his creative process, Bosch uses a variety of woods including natural pine, poplar, maple and oak.  Every original piece is made out of wood and, in some cases, may be combined with other whimsical materials and objects to capture the essence of the subject matter.

It is clear that Bosch has a passion for this art form and loves to share his creation with others…never resting on his laurels but always tinkering and coming up with new innovative perspectives on every day things in our culture and society.