Artist Statement


My art is abstract in nature, vibrant in color, bold in design and often based on shaped patterns.  Each piece is inspired by positive moments in my life and is purposed to bring positivity and perspective into the lives of others.


I paint primarily with acrylic on canvas using a multi-layered technique which brings depth, vitality and complexity to each piece.  Sometimes I sketch out my thoughts on paper but usually just let my instincts take me wherever that leads.  I continue adding layers of color and texture…often staring at a piece for days, weeks or months until I feel deep in my soul that the piece is complete.  Only then will I finish the piece with a special process which makes it feel soft as glass to the touch.


As a child…I always loved art in school.  I remember spending countless hours at home drawing instead of watching television.  As a young adult…my desire to fill up the bare walls in my loft prompted me to cultivate an interest in painting.


Early in my career Christopher Martin was my inspiration.  I loved his bold color schemes and it always made me happy to pass by his studio.  I hadn’t seen art that transcended such feelings inside me.  Needless to say I was hooked.  I wanted to create that same feeling in the art I created for others.


Many artists say they paint with their emotions…but I only find myself painting when I’m in a positive energetic frame of mind.  I hope this energy transcends into the lives of those who view and collect my art.


I’m not exactly sure where my career in art will take me but I am learning just to enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination.  I will always aspire to do greater work and will continue to evolve…seeking new ways to stimulate both myself and the other lives I touch with my work.