Artist Statement


My art is mostly made out of different types of wood.  I make the frame for each piece and paint the subject matter in vibrant colors.  Each piece is inspired by different subjects I have a passion for, be it music, dance, sceneries, space, etc.  I make all these things come alive in 3D form. 


I shape each piece of wood by machinery and by hand.  I then paint each piece, using acrylic paint.  I try to use vibrant colors that will attract the attention of the beholder.  I put together each piece to form the subject matter, which brings out the depth and complexity of the final artwork.  I also paint backgrounds according to what I want to stand out.


I have always desired to do something when I retired.  I contacted a friend that made a living by making simple souvenirs out of wood, mostly for the caribbean market.  Once I saw his work, that sparked my interest in art and I also started building simple souvenir items.  However, one thing led to another and due to my knowledge and work in the tool and die industry, I started to apply the same principles to wood.  I realized I could build more complex subject matters and display them on the wall, which eventually evolved into my 3D artwork.  I want to share something that I feel can also bring pleasure to others.


Ralph is the person who originally sparked my interest in wood art and it’s potential.  However, many of my family members are also artists (including my daughter).  I could see the joy she derived from painting and although I did not have the same ability in her form of art, I realized I could still show my passion for art by using the knowledge I had obtained and displayed it through wood art.