RAW & REFINED - 2014 Art Show

Come see the new RAW & REFINED collection by renowned abstract artist Mikka...illustrating her personal journey over the past few years.  Her RAW collection features vibrant colors and shapes representing many of the emotions we all experience from time to time...while her REFINED collection features a more cool and calm palette representing a place of emotional maturity and becoming more centered.  Mikka's unique multi-layer acrylic process creates deep, complex color palettes which can engage the art enthusiast in hours of viewing pleasure.

Also featured will be Mike Bosch, a new craftsman in the Dallas art scene who designs amazing three-dimensional art comprised of small pieces of wood and materials.  His attention to detail and fine craftsmanship creates timeless and sometimes whimsical pieces to add to your collection.

RAW & REFINED - 2014 Art Show

Friday, May 9th
7 - 10 PM

SouthSide on Lamar
Janette Kennedy Gallery
1409 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, TX  75215

Complimentary beer, wine and lite bites


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